2 Wheel Fetish

Vintage bicycle parts

(updated February 11, 2013)

I offer discounts on purchases of multiple items.

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Shipping is extra and at actual cost.

1. Campagnolo track rear wheel; silver tubular rim of 1970s or early 1980s vintage; 36h; tied and soldered stainless 15g "E" (Etoile?) spokes; complete with 14t Campagnolo Record cog, lockring, but minus the fixing bolts, $160.

2.Campagnolo 120mm spacing flat skewer rear wheel: high flange Record hub; laced 4x to a Mavic Professionel tubular rim with largely intact decal, non stainless spokes are double butted and have long nipples, $150

3. XTR large ring for the 9 speed era 4 arm crank, miles left, $40.

4. Sakae MT-100 early 1980s mtb bar and stem combination, $40.

6. Shimano Deore DX long cage rear derailleur, 7 speed era, very clean, $40

7. Narrow SR Road Champion Randonneur Japanese late 1970s 36.5cm drop bars with 85mm SR stem, silver aluminum, $25 for both.

8. V brake aluminum anodized brake boosters, various colors, new, $10 each.

9. BRAND NEW Sun Rhino Lite 36h 700c rims, $26 each. I have 3; buy all 3 for $75.

11. Dia Compe RGC non aero brake levers with cable adjusters and cable release, no hoods, silver, $25

10. Chainrings, listed in this order: 130mm bcd; 110mm; 94mm; 74mm; 58 and 56mm.
52 tooth early Shimano 130bcd road, with Nuovo Record style web; little wear; silver; very thick body and thinner at the teeth, $17.

39 tooth Shimano 130 bcd ring, a little later than the above, minimal wear, silver, $16

50 tooth Sakae Ringyo 110 bcd, NOS, a little shop wear and a little dirt but a nice looking ring that's new, $18.

46 tooth outer 110bcd Shimano ring, 7 speed era with pre worn teeth for pickup; rubbing marks on the inside as the chain tried to move up; silver; looks like the rings on either the DX or XT cranks from 1990, $10; $7 if purchased with any other ring.

2 Shimano 94bcd outer rings, "IG chain only" 5 arm, 42 teeth; black, ramped and pinned; one is barely used at all but a little dirty, $18; the other has a little more use biut has a lot of miles left and ( I say this to affirm that there's not much wear) is still mostly black, $12.

32 tooth 74bcd inner ring (great for wide range double if you run the inner with no spacers, and the middle, plus a ring with teeth removed as pants protector as the outside ring), $14.

22 tooth QBP US made inner ring, 56 or 58 bcd, brand new with some price sticker glue on it, silver, $16.


11: Dura Ace 7401 Look pedals, nice users, smooth bearings, $40.

12. 32h Deore XT black hubset, 7 speed era, probably the best hubs for MTBs made other than first gen XTR M900s; $50 the pair.

13. Single front Suntour Superbe brake caliper, bolt allen mounting, $40. Shimano Sante brake calipers, $60 the pair; allen mount, 49mm max reach.

14. 10 speed Dura Ace bar con shifters, no cables or housing, just shifters, $60.

16. Early hybrid Specialized Unicrown with vestigial fork crown with S logo; to fit about a 19 inch or 20 inch frame, chrome and light chromoly, $60

17. A variety of decent to nice 1" threaded MTB forks, $20 on up.

18. Dia Compe 980 high profile cantilevers; silver alu with chromed external springs and straddle wires (long); best for narrower frames (the distance between bosses), $40.

19. Early MTB Cannondale frame and fork, alu frame with steel fork with a crown, for roller cam brakes, 1 inch threaded, 24 inch rear wheel and 26 inch front, yellow original paint, $200 for frame and fork.

20. Vintage 1986 MTB wheelset: bolt on rear hub, QR front, Araya rims, 6 speed freewheel, $70 the pair with freewheel but no tires.

21. Araya 7x 26x1.75 rims, silver, set of 2 36h; built up but round and true with faded decals, $100 the pair.

22. Araya 7x 26x1.5 rim, round and true, built up; no decal, $35.

23. First generation Dura Ace front clamp and rear derailleur set, $140.

24. Somewhat battered 1972 Campagnolo NR rear derailleur with homemade ugly drillium front derailleur and clamp on shifters, $60 the set.

25. Very early 1980s 700c Japanese wheelset: Sansin high flange hubs, silver alu Japanese rims 36h; stainless spokes; rear is 126 spaced for a 7 speed freewheel; valve hole is Schrader, $80 the pair with Continental tires.

26. Nitto bullhorn bars, no drop, silver, 40cm, $40

27. Full aero bar set: Profile bullhorn bars and Profile aero bars, with reverse Tektro levers, $60 for all.

28. Balilla Italy boxy drop bar levers, early 1960s or late 1950s, very clean except for a little bar tape adhesive residue, $50 the pair.

29. Cyclo NOS freewheel removal tools, $10 for one; $17 for two.

30. Single Mafac drop bar lever with white plastic covering on the actual lever portion, cool, with 2 somewhat battered Mafac partial hoods, $25 for all.

31. Campagnolo Record brake levers (the lever portion only; handlebar clamp and body not included, $40 for 3; NOS but with some shop wear. NOS Campagnolo perforated brake lever, one only, $25.

32. Universal brake levers as above, a pair, with 5 diamonds pantographed into each lever underneath the Universal in a long rectangle logo, $30 for the pair.

33. Regina Extra Superleggera hollow pin chain, in box (not can), $70. Ditto, in just the original glassine-ish bag, still sealed, $60. Both are NOS.

34. Campagnolo Record brake arms for one brake caliper, arms only, no hardware (just the 2 arch shaped pieces of aluminum), block letter Campagnolo and Brev. Inter. on the front arm, $20 the 2 pieces.