Homemade silver-brazed chromoly saddle bag quick release holder
featuring forged dropouts and recycled materials

Brazed January 2013. Brazing flux and silver solder is from Thunderbird Jewelry Supply, a jewelry supply house that mostly serves the Native American jewelry-making communities, with branches in Gallup, NM (the original), Flagstaff, AZ, and Albuquerque, NM.

2 pieces: the fixed portion that clamps to the saddle rails; and the removable portion that is a rear axle with cones plus a quick release.

The bag holder or removable portion (the second picture) is a rear axle with a Sansin quick release; spaced out at about 130mm. I first tried it with a front axle width, but the bag's loops are too far apart for this to work well, so on this, the second iteration, I made it with a rear width axle.

The center piece of the fixed portion is a portion of a seatstay (Tange chromoly DB tubing, according to the tubing decal; but maybe that's only the Tretubi) from a mid to late 1980s Centurion Japanese made road bike that had extensive front end damage from a crash.

The dropouts are from a scavenged MTB fork; there was a second set of eyelets that came off because they made it hard to get the axle in and out.

The backing plate is a reflector bracket that was flattened in a large bench vise, then sawed, shaped, and drilled. This is somewhat visible in the first image, and more so in the third image.

The M6 bolts were scavenged from the Westside Los Angeles bike co-op's (Bikerowave's) bolt bin. Bikerowave is a good place; come on in if you are in the area and need to fix your bike.

The Carradice is from the mid 1990s; the saddle is a nylon only BMX saddle, Japanese, from the 1980s.

Improvements: I want to make one that holds the bag higher up, and perhaps a little further back as well, since not everyone has the luxury of as much room between saddle and tire as I have due to my large frame sizes. On this improved one, I expect that the dropouts will face up slightly or completely, though even with a heavy load of about 18 lbs, I've had no trouble so far with the quick release being able to hold firmly with these dropouts, which droop slightly down from the horizontal.

Interesting question: should gravity help you get the bag out of the bracket? Or should gravity instead help you insert it? I think the latter, probably.

Interested in one? Please email me.